The Motion Epic

Ladies & Gentlemen Welcome Back to the 80s

The Motion Epic is a Synth-Pop/Retrowave Project comprised of Singer/Songwriter Pat DiMeo and Producer Dre K of Kingsway Studios.

The 1980s were a time of bright colors, high energy, big hair and expansive dreams and ambitions. For those who experienced it first hand, it was the height of pop culture as movies, music, television, fashion and even politics were more upbeat and optimistic. Succeeding generations see it as a fascinating, uncomplicated bygone era with iconic imagery, sounds and styles that continue to influence us to this day. The 1980s were a significant time for so many people, and they continue to inspire and entertain.

Pat DiMeo is an artist who wants to bring that positive tone, enthusiasm and fun back to concert venues and home audio systems through his innovative Retro Pop music and live performance experiences. DiMeo is more than just a musician and songwriter, he is a cultural touchstone, whose very appearance, approach to his original music and showmanship are more than simple adaptations of 1980s couture.


“The sweet synth-pop goodness of The Motion Epic. The Addicted Music Department loves these tunes and are eagerly awaiting this release.”

“Synth-pop dancer The Motion Epic incites an ’80s glitter-rave in much of his work, and on the heels of “Temporary Lovers,” he heaves out tear-soaked provocation with “Ulterior Motives,” a burning out of the end of a cigarette, remnants of smoke curling his nostrils and tattooing his skin.”

“Love is in the air for this one. Even for us at the office, here at CHF. We’re not the best looking chaps, but with this single ‘Bad Behavior’, we think we’ve got a shot.”

"Simply put, Midnight is an amazingly tight release that is big on “feels” and on creating authentic sounds thanks to that rich analog synthesizer which is the centrepiece here.”

“Midnight mixes old-school 80s new age and synthpop music with modern electronica tropes.”

‘Temporary Lovers’ certainly brings back the 80’s feel and I would love to experience this song live.”

“The Motion Epic drops a cool ‘80s-inspired pop tune, entitled, “Midnight”

“I can really see this playing in one of those iconic 80s movies or TV Shows!”

“Think Madonna and Mr. Mister collaborating on a song for a John Hughes ‘coming of age’ film, not only do you encapsulate much of the 80s, you also capture the purity, drive and energy of the song.”

“Pat sure knows how to craft a hit and this has got to be my favourite singles of his so far.”

“Canadian producer channels the 80s synth-pop sound on this catchy new single.”

Music to Bleed Neon to.

“Anschnallen, Zeitreise beginnt! Wie in den epischen Filmen der 80ern, die mit richtig coolen Soundtracks ausgestattet waren, nimmt uns der Titel „Bad Behavior“ von The Motion Epic mit auf eine Zeitreise in die 80er.” (Germany)

“An artist´s life.” #2 Pat DiMeo: “Music is not only my passion, I live for it.

WeRuleNation (New Retro Wave) YouTube Feature.

Канадскому исполнителю-сонграйтеру, мультинструменталисту Pat DiMeo, стоящему за проектом The Motion Epic нравится творчество таких выдающихся артистов как Bryan Adams и Phil Collins и черпая вдохновение в яркой поп-рок-музыке 80-х он записал отличный во всех отношениях трек «Temporary Lovers» (Russia)

The Motion Epic awal bulan ini baru saja rilis single nya “Temporary Lovers”. Single ini mencampurkan synth pop modern dengan beat pop 80an. vokalnya yang berat menjadikan perpaduan yang menarik untuk di nikmati. (Indonesia)

Beberapa minggu yang lalu kita telah berkenalan dengan The Motion Epic melalui single “Temporary Love” (baca : The Motion Epic – Temporary Lovers), kali ini dia kembali merilis single anyarnya yang diberi judul “Ulterior Motives”. (Indonesia)

“They somehow managed to merge some great 80’s synth vibes along with soulful vocals and made it work.”

“The track definitely brings the 80s hard.”

“We had to share @themotionepic's buzzing new EP awash in drowsy sparkles and so. much. synth. goodness. Call us obsessed, but you should be too.”

“Top Ten Retrowave EP’s of 2018”

“From the dreamy sound texture and art, you can see and feel the 80s movie influence right away and immediately films like The Goonies, and ET come to mind.”

“Once again they excel at delivering impeccable synth lines and punchy percussion that makes Cool Kids the perfect track to add to a soundtrack to an 80s film.”

“Strange Love” is just the latest appetizer to DiMeo’s growing catalog of hits.”

‘Strange Love’ is a throwback to the 80’s.

“If you're into cinematic, 80's-tinges synth-pop music with lush vocals, then you will love Strange Love.”

“It makes you shiver with the memories that you’d never thought possible.”

Karl Magi Interviews Pat DiMeo of The Motion Epic